At Veritas, we pride ourselves in offering expert Google Ads services to local service businesses at a price that makes sense.

We’re entrepreneurs and business owners. We love helping businesses maximize their potential because we understand that even just a few hundred dollars more a month means magnitudes to your company and to your family.

When we started building our company, we realized that the current Google Ads agency model is broken. Agencies charge costly retainers per month because that model aligns with their goals. Your ad agency’s goals should align with your goals.

We understand local businesses because we are that business and that’s why we offer a Google Ads pricing model that makes sense.

Alex Borkin


Alex is an entreprenuer and business owner with a proven track record of growing companies into multimillion-dollar-a-year businesses. Alex has vast career experience in developing and executing sales strategies that drive revenue growth, while also managing financial operations to ensure profitability. He is a natural leader with extensive experience in growing highly skilled and motivated teams.

Marissa Comstock


Marissa is software engineer and project manager with years of experience building software from the ground up. She has extensive expertise in leading teams around the world with a focus on customer applications. She is adept at communicating brand identity and value to customers to maximize clicks, engagement, and conversions.